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Small business owners dream of running a successful small business. The right resources but, more importantly, the right customers are at the heart of that dream. However, there is a pandemic raging outside all of the doors of our businesses and homes both, respectively, that threatens to uproot our livelihoods. While we are not closing our doors, many are about to close their doors, if they haven’t already. We all want to do our part in making our dreams of running a successful business come true. But it’s difficult when you don’t have all the right resources. Much less, any at all.

We at Four Peaks SEO deeply care for the success of the small business community.

In fact, it started as a one-person operation with zero capital.

Through the power of web design, social media marketing, and SEO, Four Peaks SEO grew into a wonderful team not long after. It is through these resources that we help grow small businesses like yours no matter if you’re a restaurant, medical practice, or even a mom & pop shop. Each of these resources helps connect your business with the right kind of consumers but more importantly, builds a community. A side-effect of these resources means small business owners like yourself can spend less time at the office – less time worrying, and more time at home with family.

When you work with us, 15% of the service rate gets donated to a local small business charity of your choosing. 

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Have a few questions before jumping on a call with a member of our team? No problem! Take a look at a few of our most popular questions.

What is custom web design?

Custom web design helps your business stand out from the rest whether you’re a mom & pop shop or a small business with 50 employees. It’s your “first line” to connect with your potential customers. We take that a step further by optimizing your web design for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, earning you more business.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is about connecting with your audience through various social media platforms where your customers are. It’s more than just building a brand but about building a community your customers engage with the most.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization, specifically local search engine optimization, helps your business to be discovered on search engines we all use such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Like the other services above, it is crucial to a small businesses success in today’s business world.

What are web hosting services?

Our web hosting services boosts your websites performance in numerous ways; from how fast your website loads to how your customers see your website. It is also a warm, comfy security blanket protecting your website.

Do you offer any other marketing services?

We absolutely do! Logo design and content marketing i.e. blog posting, optimizing, and ranking.

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