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We provide full-service search engine optimization, digital marketing, and social media marketing services for small businesses across the United States.

SEO Services in Surprise - Four Peaks SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the act of ensuring a website can be found in various search engines such as Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo. It is a marketing method using relevant keywords and phrases strategically placed in various web pages for gaining search engine rankings. Think of it like quality control for a website, ensuring the best possible results.

We provide On-Page, Off-Page Optimization, Technical SEO & More!


Responsive Website Design

Not having a responsive website design in 2018 may cost you an untold amount of lost revenue. Why? Because billions of searches happen every single day. Around 98% of searches happen through a search engine, 68% of searches are through Google, and the first five results get 67% of the clicks. When you count in providing a great user experience for your customers, your business will not be found on the first page of Google, but will begin increasing your revenue exponentially!


Web Design Services in Surprise - Four Peaks SEO
Social Media Marketing Services in Surprise - Four Peaks SEO

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization refers to not only updating your social media profiles with the right content but with the best content possible. Further, we provide strategies that enhance your overall brand as part of our brand management services as well.

Social Media is more important than ever in 2018 and when you know to leverage Facebook and other channels properly, your business will soar to new heights, bringing in your target audience frequently.


What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is generally split into “On-Page SEO” and “Off-Page SEO”. While on-page SEO focuses on the things you do with your website, off-page SEO focuses on any efforts to promote your site elsewhere. This can include things like listing your site in online directories, using social media or link development.
Some of the on-page elements used for SEO include:


  • Content – keywords, quality, freshness, images, and videos
  • Website architecture – mobile responsiveness, speed, duplicate content issues, URLs, security
  • HTML – meta title and description tags, structured data, headings
Off-page SEO factors that influence success include things such as:


  • Trust – authority, bounce rate, site history, piracy and copyright issues, number of adverts
  • Links – link quality, anchor texts, number of backlinks
  • Traffic – visitor’s locations, frequency
  • Social – shares on social media and who shares your content
For successful SEO, all of these factors must be taken into account. Some factors might be given more importance than others by search engines, but it’s essential not to neglect any of them. It’s also important to recommend that the rules concerning SEO can change at any time. Google sets the standard for search engine optimization, and they have carried out several large updates that have had significant effects on many websites. Their aim is to try to keep everything fair, which is why they prefer websites that use natural, organic, “white hat” methods over those that use methods like paid links.

White hat SEO focuses on the human element of search engine optimization, as opposed to what the machines are looking for. While other SEO marketers might not be concerned about breaking the rules, white hat SEO practitioners like Four Peaks SEO focus on taking the ethical route.

Some of the key ways to employ white hat techniques include:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Focusing on user experience
  • Clever keyword research and natural use of keywords

Four Peaks SEO provides Phoenix SEO services for small businesses who want to get it right the first time. We will help your website to rank in search engine results to promote your business and get it seen online.

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What is Local SEO?

Many businesses are targeting a general online audience with their SEO. However, local businesses will want to use local SEO techniques. If you’re looking for an AZ local SEO consultant, Four Peaks SEO is here for you.

Local SEO differs in that it aims to target a specific location. That location could be a state, county, city or even a neighborhood. Local SEO is especially important for those businesses that have physical locations, from stores to offices. They need to target local customers, and people using keywords related to their specific location. As a local business, we know a lot about how to reach those local customers. We will apply local SEO techniques to your website to help people in your area find you.

Choose Four Peaks SEO if you’re looking for a local SEO consultant or AZ local SEO services. If you want to discuss your needs, contact us for a free consultation.

Why Choose Four Peaks SEO?

Why should you choose Four Peaks SEO over other SEO services? Our SEO services in Surprise, AZ is your best choice for Surprise, Phoenix, the whole of Arizona and nationwide. In just a short time, Four Peaks SEO has gained a reputation for delivering unbeatable SEO, along with other professional services. Our approach to SEO is ethical, comprehensive and, above all, highly effective.

We use our small business knowledge and experience to help other like-minded small businesses. We know that running a business is a lot of work and that you don’t have the time to dedicate to improving your SEO. When you leave it up to Four Peaks SEO, you know that your SEO needs will be taken care of completely. Our mission is to deliver a professional and creative service that leaves no stone unturned. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs, providing complementary services alongside SEO.

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Four Peaks SEO provides free consultations to businesses interested in our SEO services and other marketing services. Just provide us with your details and we’ll get in touch to discuss your needs. During your consultation, we’ll talk about your goals for your business and how search engine optimization can help you to promote your website. You can also contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about SEO. Choose Four Peaks SEO if you need an SEO company in Phoenix, Surprise or anywhere in Arizona or the Pacific Northwest.

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