Need A SEO Friendly Hosting Company? Here Is What To Look Out For!

Let’s face it. We as SEO professionals have too much to worry about.

A few worries include backlinking, sitemaps, content, and more. Heck, now we have voice search and featured snippets. Let’s not forget mobile-first indexing.

While there are a number of new factors being released, there’s one factor that often gets overlooked. This factor impacts both your site’s uptime and page speed. Without these essentials, kiss your organic reach goodbye.

We’re of course talking about hosting!

Choosing the right SEO-friendly hosting company is key for consistency overall, including user-experience. To prevent server errors and page timeouts, especially users bouncing, you need an SEO-friendly hosting company at your side.

At the end of the day, you need a web host that supports your organic growth efforts and more. Take a look at five key features defining an SEO-friendly web hosting company.


1. Guaranteed High Uptime


Arguably the most important factor whether they’re SEO-friendly is your host’s high uptime guarantee.

What does uptime mean? Simply put, this is the percentage of time your site is online and is accessible both. The better the uptime, the less likely visitors will discover your site is down. As your percentage drops, the more your visitors are sent back to search engines, affecting your rankings in the process.

Higher quality hosts offer high uptime guarantees such as HostHuski.

According to SEJ:

For best results, choose a host with at least 99.9 percent uptime guarantee (or higher, if you can get it). That translates to roughly 1.44 minutes of downtime a day and 8.8 hours per year. Not bad.

Like Search Engine Optimization, there are no guarantees. This is also true for hosts claiming a 100 percent uptime. It’s inevitable there will be some downtime; the key is to keep it as short as possible.


2. Server Location


Uptime refers to content being accessible to users; server location dictates how quickly it’s accessible. If you are on a VPS, dedicated server or shared hosting plan, it’s likely the server is in a data center somewhere. Cloud hosting, of course, refers to your data being housed, well, in the cloud.

It’s best to keep in mind that data center should be located as close as possible to your majority audience or site visitors. The farther away it is, the longer it takes for a site to load.

On the flip side, server location may hinder your SEO efforts should you operate in one country but your server is located in another.

Your server should be fast, and your SEO-friendly hosting company should boost its performance through a Content Delivery Network (CDN).


3. Options, Options, and More Options


Who doesn’t like options? Your SEO-friendly hosting company should also come with plenty of options.

More than hosting itself, many offer optional values that can boost your site performance. Here are two SEO-friendly options you’ll need:

  • Automatic Backups: It’s inevitable. Something will go wrong and you will need a backup you can quickly restore from. HostHuski offers automatic backups for only $8/month.
  • SSL: It’s more imperative than ever that your site needs to be secured by an SSL Certificate. Why? Because HTTPS has been a ranking factor for years now. Choose HostHuski’s most popular hosting plan at only $9/month and receive a FREE SSL Certificate for the life of your plan.


4. Reviews Are Important


You’ve been reading through hosting features. Everything checks out, right? Now let’s validate what they are claiming is true. Trust but verify, right?

Before you sign up for any hosting plan, always make sure to read their reviews first.


5. Is There A Responsive Support Team?


Let’s mix this feature with the reviews. Pay close attention to the reviews. Do any of them talk about the support team? If so, how are they talking about the support team?

If your site goes down, you want it fixed immediately, right? Most often, you need to talk with a support member.

An SEO-friendly hosting company offers a 24/7 support team for free. Verify their operating hours and see what routes are best for you. Do they have a phone number? Live chat? Or maybe email ticket support?

As social media grows, a great hosting company should also be available on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or both. Why? It’s another avenue of approach for you to reach out to their support team. Some hosting companies offer a dedicated social media platform i.e. “Company Name – Help”.

Here’s an example from Squarespace:

Squarespace Help - SEO-friendly hosting company

Bonus: Simple-to-Use CMS

You may have one of the best hosting companies on your side now, but there’s only one factor that can make or break them. Do they have a great CMS? As you know, being able to create and manage content is great for SEO, but if they don’t have a simple-to-use CMS, you’re only making things hard on yourself.

With HostHuski, you’re offered one of the best content management systems out there and that is WordPress. Many offer their own drag-and-drop tools but make it easier on yourself and join HostHuski today.



At the end of the day, high-quality, reliable web hosting must run in the background with you ever having to think about it. And from that is your SEO-friendly hosting company.


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