How to Optimize your Facebook Reach

Social Media such as Facebook allows you to reach an audience that might be interested in your posts. This audience includes those who like your Facebook page as well as those connected with your audience. You noticed some posts perform better than others i.e. more likes, shares, comments, etc… Let’s talk about how to optimize your Facebook reach for better engagement.

Best Practices for Increasing Facebook Reach

After analyzing 1 billion Facebook posts, Neil Patel discovered an array of tips for increasing both organic and paid Facebook reach. If you haven’t yet, read his guide today. While it’s best to cross-reference his tips with others, it’s best to remember each individual or company campaign is unique from the next.

Pro-Tip: Use the Insights tool in your Facebook Page to analyze your own post reach and engagement. Ask yourself what posts are receiving the most engagement. And which posts were less noticed. What can you learn from the best or lack of engagement?

Use Your Tools

Facebook comes with a variety of handy tools, measuring your reach and engagement. Regularly check the Insights tab on your Facebook page. After a while, you will begin to see patterns.

There are many factors to consider determining whether a post is successful or not. Factors such as length, time or day of the week, quality, and more effectively play a role. Although there may be many unknown factors at play, a regular analysis of older posts should off insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

Time, Topic, and Purpose

Timing matters. Plain and simple. At specific points of the day (or night), your competition will reveal when it is the best time to post for greater reach and engagement. Test what days and times work for your audience.

What post topics resonated with your audience the most? Which ones don’t? Use the Insights tool to measure which post topics receive the most engagement.

Is your post too “sales-y”? Or is it to inform your audience about the latest content or update? Statistically, posts about a sale or new product receive less reach and engagement both. Curating posts and content around what your audience is looking for is a sure-fire method for increasing the aforementioned.

Follow the “70-20-10” rule:

Learn how to optimize your Facebook reach by using the up-and-coming 70-20-10 rule.

70% of the time, post original content – 20% relevant posts – 10% should be sales or promotional offers.


At the end of the day, the Insights tool is your best friend. By better understanding what posts receive the most reach and engagement and which posts don’t, the better.

Start analyzing your posts today!