Quick Facebook Organic Reach Tips Using Instagram

Having Trouble Getting More Facebook Organic Reach? Try The Tried and True Steps Below!

Tired of Not Getting More Facebook Organic Reach?

There’s a reason for that and it’s usually because you’re not taking full advantage of the social media options in front of you!

In 2018, Google and other search engines have decidedly to limit the amount of reach a company Facebook page can reach thus rendering your prior marketing strategies inert. Facebook specifically confirmed these changes in a campaign to address bringing its social network “back to the glory days” and of what Facebook was born from.

That’s all well and good but how will this new measure affect your business page or pages?

The answer to that question is you have to get creative with your new marketing strategies and tactics alike. There are of course other social media channels to tap into if you haven’t already. Similar to Local SEO Citations, the more the better, right? Well, it’s more about quality than it is quantity these days. Nonetheless, the more quality channels you have an account with, the better.

It’s also important to note that each channel or directory you have an account with, they must all be 100% correct and up-to-date. If not, your progress will stagnate and eventually fail.

How do I get more Facebook organic reach?

Your question shouldn’t be “how do I get more Facebook organic reach”. The question should be “how do I get more Facebook organic reach using Instagram?”

Here’s how you can get more Facebook organic reach using Instagram to your advantage:


  • Connect your Instagram account to your business Facebook page.
  • Add appropriate hashtags to your posts, especially video posts.
  • Be lively and engaging with your target audience.
  • Answer questions your audience cares about in a video format in a fun 60-second video.
  • Once the posts have been shared to your Facebook page from your Instagram account, share those posts with appropriate groups.
Monitor your traffic by using the “Insights” tab in your business FB page to determine the best posting times and what type of content your audience is engaging with the most.

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