Snapchat Video Ads Extends Video Ad Length from 10 Seconds to 3 Minutes

In a bid to increase engagement rates, increased the maximum video ad duration from ten seconds to three minutes.

Snapchat Video Ads Update

Back in 2014, the video ad duration was set at ten seconds.

Since then, digital marketers worked around the ten second cap by encouraging users to swipe up to view a longer version.

This update for Snapchat Video Ads was announced earlier this week at Advertising Week in New York. The new Snapchat video ad update still allows the user to skip the ad just like shorter ones.

At this time, Snap Commercials are still unskippable – a feature added last year.

Keep in mind, it is still crucial to hook and engage the viewer within the first few seconds of the video ad.

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Benefits of Lengthier Snapchat Video Ads

Primary benefit of lengthier Snapchat video ads is that it allows advertisers to optimize bids for views of at least 15-seconds in length. 

Similar to how Facebook advertisers can optimize video ads to target a specific 15-second watch length audience, optimizing for greater conversion rates.

There’s a catch, though.

“The above mentioned swipe-up feature for regular video ads is now being brought to the non-skippable video ad format. Using the swipe-up functionality, advertisers can bring users to a web page or a longer-form video.”

According to Digiday, since the turn of the year, Snapchat video ads can account for an average “20% of paid social budgets”.

These new features are gaining momentum and may grow in 2020 with Snapchat’s new ad offerings.


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