Google Disability Support now includes American Sign Language

Did you know there are 466 million people in the world who are deaf and hard-of-hearing? Countless accessibility tools currently exist on the market, helping them to communicate and interact with others. Learn more about Google Disability Support as one of the latest in accessibility tools.

ASL Specialists Added to Google Disability Support

LiveTranscribe and Sound Amplifier are just two out of a countless number of tools available. Being Deaf or hard-of-hearing comes with its own every day challenges. The inability to hear a conversation or sounds around you can be isolating. Google, including myself who wears hearing aids in both ears, understands this struggle.

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For those with disabilities that need specialized technical support, they can go to Google Disability Support. Now, Google Disability Support has added American Sign Language (ASL) Specialists to help those, like myself, who are deaf or hard-of-hearing through video chat.

This new support is made possible by the partnership through Connect Direct and TELUS International.

“ASL specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT to answer questions about assistive features and functionalities within Google’s products. For example, an ASL specialist could show you how to set up your new Pixel using Live Caption or how to present Google Slides with captions.

The Google Disability Support team is composed of inclusion advocates who are eager to work with the community and Googlers to improve and shape Google’s products with feedback from the people who use our products. Visit the Google Accessibility Help Center to learn more about Google Accessibility and head to to connect with an ASL specialist today.”

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