Instagram Encourages Content Creation But Offers No Incentive

Instagram launched an account encouraging creators to publish more and longer content.

New Instagram Creators Account

Instagram has recently launched a “@creators” account which publishes tips & tricks for Instagram creators.

This new account features Instagram creators, walking them through varying points of the platform. Furthermore, the platform offers advanced tactics for producing more engaging content.

At its core, it is about creating more IGTV (Instagram TV) content, allowing the creator to publish content longer than one-minute in length.

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Is There Any Incentive for IGTV Creators?

Right now, Instagram has yet to reveal any incentive whatsoever for creators.

Other popular platforms such as YouTube allows popular creators to earn money from video views. For Instagram users, the only way to earn any money is through third-party sponsorship’s.

So, Instagram wants you to create more engaging content but doesn’t want to pay for it.

Basically, the platform is only offering exposure with the “incentive” to be featured on the @creators account.

Head of Content & Creator Partnerships at Instagram, Justin Antony, has stated earlier this year monetizing IGTV content is a priority, but “not ready for it yet.”

Only hope for content creators, at this time, is to continue to produce content for the sake of creating content to be featured on the @creators account.

Perhaps then will more conversations around monetizing content will create any progress.

It is without a doubt video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. After all, 55% of consumers use videos for purchase decisions.


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