Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

Advertising CBD on Facebook is possible, but there are some restrictions. Only certain kinds of CBD are allowed to be advertised on Facebook. Let’s break down what you can and cannot do with advertising CBD on Facebook or really anywhere else.

CBD Advertising on Facebook

It’s everywhere: CBD on billboards along the highways, in commercials, shops opening up on busy corners, the list goes on. That’s because restrictions on products like CBD, hemp, marijuana, etc. are loosening at a rapid rate. More and more restrictions are being lifted due to growing advancements in the medical field testifying to their positive uses.

CBD, among other products, is growing in popularity and has become more or less a major “cash cow” in the United States. More and more states are taking advantage of this popularity in CBD and other related products to filter money back into the local economy. Now, you’re seeing it grow on Facebook.

So, can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

The short answer: yes.

But why is it so hard to advertise CBD on Facebook?

That answer lies in the Facebook advertising policy.

Even though CBD and Cannabis both were recognized as non-illegal products in the 2018 Farm Bill, Facebook has yet to update its advertising policies for these products. This leaves you, a CBD business owner, struggling to find ways to get past Facebook’s ad checkpoints.

With that said, yes, you can advertise CBD on Facebook. But how?

40% of Individuals Between Ages 18-29 Have Used CBD Before Or Are A Current User - Four Peaks SEO

In mid-2019, a study was released showing that 40% of individuals between 18 – 29 used CBD in the past or are current users.

More so, a high number of seniors aged 60 and older have tried CBD in the past or are current CBD users. That in mind gives us an average of 64 million Americans who have used CBD in the past or are currently using CBD products.

Fun Fact: 60% of the entire CBD market is online but that means CBD business owners like you have many more hoops to jump through. Especially when it comes to advertising CBD on Facebook or Instagram.

But that’s where I come in. As a CBD and medical marijuana user myself, I’d like to get your CBD ads past the Facebook ad checkpoints!

How Can I Advertise CBD on Facebook?

Advertising CBD on Facebook starts with first understanding what direction you need to go in. The only available route at the moment is through “Native Ads”.

What are Native Ads on Facebook?

Simply put, Native Ads are “natural” appearing ads within the news feed on Facebook, Twitter, and a select few other places.

In short, they’re the most trusted ads as the ads are often from trustworthy brands. They’re also relevant to a Facebook user’s displayed interests.

10 Best Practices for Advertising CBD on Facebook

Here is an excellent, simple-to-follow breakdown of all the best practices for advertising CBD on Facebook.

1. Only list the general benefits of the CBD products you’re advertising.

2. Never make specific medical claims – no exception. Use the U.S. National Library of Medicine and/or the National Institutes of Health for a workaround if necessary.

3. Submit a hemp regulation plan so your products can be sold in your state and/or in another state. This is a prerequisite of the 2018 Farm Bill.

4. Build credibility by showcasing the “Nutrition Label” of a CBD product. Is it a high-quality, locally sourced product?

5. DO NOT ever mention the product in your ad(s).

6. NEVER use “CBD” in a domain name where the product is being sold.

7. Find creative ways to describe your products to your potential customers. Hiring a professional copywriter is often the best idea for this.

8. Images showing CBD are allowed if they don’t mention CBD.

9. When refining your target audience in the Facebook Ad setup process, type “hemp oil” and choose the “Interest” option.

10. On average, CBD advertisers are using the phrase “Natural Plant-Based Remedies” to describe CBD. Refer back to #7 for this.

Facebook Won’t Approve My CBD Ads. What Now?

The first thing you should do if Facebook isn’t approving your CBD ad is to check whether the landing page the ad goes towards mentions “CBD” anywhere on the page. Otherwise, the Facebook ad bots will continue rejecting the ad until it’s removed.

Getting the ad right the first time works better in your favor as continued rejections will hurt your approval chances later, even if CBD oil isn’t mentioned anywhere on the landing page or the entire website.

If this continues to happen, then your next best move is to hire a marketing agency with experience in advertising CBD on Facebook. Otherwise, you might have to stick with trade shows, networking events, and organic posting on social media. All of which requires more effort, time, and money.

And if there are continued ad rejections, you run the risk of getting your Facebook business page, even your personal page, shut down.

As the United States continues warming up to the idea of more CBD and Cannabis products being legalized, there is still unfortunately a long way to go in terms of marketing said products. More and more pressure is mounting on Facebook to loosen restrictions in advertising CBD and similar products on their platform, so time will only tell at this point. We believe that the sooner Facebook loosens its restrictions, the faster our lives will be made a little bit easier.

How Can I Organically Market CBD & Cannabis on Facebook?

Great question!

There are fewer limits to talking about CBD, Cannabis, and other products on a Facebook Business page organically since you’re not “paying” for the post. You can use other words like “hemp” in your copy as well.

If you are going to organically market CBD, Cannabis, or any related products, here are my 5 best practices for promoting your products on Facebook:

1. DO NOT ever make medical claims for the time being.

2. Follow the “80/20 Rule”: Post specific content your audience is looking for about the products 80% of the time. Then, create promotions to boost CBD product sales 20% of the time.

3. Use the “Insights” tool to measure how your content is doing. Create content best suited for “peak times and days”.

4. Use free tools like Canva to create high-quality graphics showing CBD and/or related products. Canva also has an inexpensive Pro plan giving you more access to high-quality marketing materials.

5. Don’t spam. There’s still a stigma behind these products so it’s best not to spam your content in groups and other places. Create unique content for each relevant space your desired audience hangs out at.

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